Established in late 2001, Textiles2dye4 was founded by Shirley Jones after she returned to the UK from living overseas.

With a fashion degree from Newcastle, a PGCE teaching qualification and various certified textile qualifications, Shirley is a bit of a whizz when it comes to all things design and textiles. She set up Textiles2dye4 from a unit in Terry Dicken Industrial Estate in Stokesley, where she designed and made silk wedding dresses, ran numerous classes and spent a lot of her time painting, stitching and embroidering textiles.

In 2007, The Jones family moved down from the North East to Tring, Hertfordshire, where she took a position running the textiles department at Tring Park School for Performing Arts for 3 Years.
Now based in a small studio in Tring, Hertfordshire, Shirley admits to a passion for working with silk, her first love is still designing and making silk wedding dresses, but adores working and experimenting with all kinds of silk fabric and threads.

Her small studio, known affectionately within the family as “The Shed”, was built in 2013 as a place for Shirley to further her experiments with textiles and continue to develop Textiles2dye4. Working from the house was never an option – pins and needles on the carpet, silk paints and dyes splashing around were not conducive to a harmonious home life, and so the shed was created as Shirley’s working haven. Often sun-filled and nestled in the corner of the garden, it’s an ideal place for her to be inspired by colour and textures in nature.